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Patagonia & Chilean Fjords

  • Overview

    In the Chilean Patagonia, one of the southernmost regions of the world, sail between massive blue-hued glaciers and the sharp peaks of the Andes mountains. This untamed terrain is home to fjords, channels, and islets with beaches teeming with marine wildlife, birds, and stunning natural landscapes best accessed by ship or Zodiac.

    On this wilderness expedition, visit Puerto Cisnes, the San Rafael Bay and Glacier, the Gulf of Penas, the isolated village of Puerto Eden, the Strait of Magellan and Tierra del Fuego, and the Beagle Channel.

    Duration: 9 days
    Passengers: 76 passengers
    Embarkation Point: Ushuaia, Argentina
    Disembarkation Point: Puerto Montt
    Physical rating: Soft Adventure
    Fly/Cruise: Cruise only
    Single Supplement: 2.0x twin rate or share options
  • Itinerary
    • Day 1 - Ushuaia, Embarkation

      Your journey begins in Ushuaia, Argentina, with boarding between 3 and 4 PM (15:00 – 16:00 hr.) We will make a brief technical stop in Port Williams to comply with Chilean customs and immigration requirements before proceeding along the Beagle Channel.

    • Day 2 - Beagle Channel

      Today we sail along the Beagle Channel, a striking narrow passage in the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego, a region named after the fires that burned in local native settlements when the first European explorers arrived. It partly belongs to Chile and partly to Argentina. We will sail along Glacier Alley, home to a family of five glaciers: the Holanda, Italia, Francia, Alemania, and Romanche glaciers. We hope to explore the Garibaldi Fjord where we will be surrounded by hanging and tidewater glaciers; nearby waterfalls are so close they can almost be touched. Spectacular ice formations are sprawled along the sea, forming part of the Southern Patagonian Ice field and the snow-dusted Darwin Range. It is a perfect time to enjoy the graceful view and, if possible, get a glimpse of sea lions and steamer ducks.

      The Beagle Channel, with the Strait of Magellan to the north and the Drake Passage to the south, is one of the three navigable passages in South America connecting the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

    • Day 3 - Strait of Magellan and Tierra del Fuego

      While cruising along the Strait of Magellan, we explore the waters of the fiords that branch out from Tierra del Fuego. We follow the remote coast around the Francisco Coloane Marine Park, a protected area in the southern hemisphere where whales feed. If you are lucky, you may be able to witness Humpback or Sei whales breaching in the distance. You may also see dolphins, sea lions, seals, penguins, albatrosses, and petrels.

    • Day 4 - Madre de Dios Island

      We continue sailing north towards Madre de Dios Island, part of an uninhabited archipelago west of the Trinidad Channel and Concepción Channel. The island is composed partly of limestone, with several natural caves that create a unique landscape evocatively named Marble Glaciers. In one of those caves, skeletons of whales 2600 to 3500 years old have been discovered. Many caves near the coast were used in the past as burial sites by the Kawéskar people. The whole region is an ideal place for exploration.

    • Day 5 - Puerto Eden

      On our way north, we call at the famous fishing village of Puerto Eden, one of Chile's most isolated settlements. The village sits on the eastern side of Wellington Island and is only accessible by sea. Puerto Eden has no roads. Instead, a network of wooden boardwalks connects the houses and establishments. Rich evergreens cover the landscape steeped in indigenous traditions and culture, being home to the Kawéskar people. Shortly after leaving Puerto Eden, we sail through the dramatic, 18 mt-wide English Narrows.

    • Day 6 - Gulf of Penas

      We cross the Gulf of Penas, enjoying beautiful views of the surrounding mountain ranges. As we continue to sail northward, the expedition team tells you about the indigenous inhabitants of these southern lands, the early Spanish colonizers, and famous explorers such as Charles Darwin, Fitz Roy, and Alberto de Agostini. You also learn about the region's biodiversity with presentations on the local marine life and flora.

    • Day 7 - San Rafael

      The expedition continues with a full day of activities planned at San Rafael Bay. Declared a Biosphere Reserve, the park is the main entry point to Chile's Northern Icefields. San Rafael Glacier is the main attraction, but we will also enjoy exploring the surrounding fjords, channels, islands, and coves.

    • Day 8 - Puerto Cisnes

      We continue to head north to the village of Puerto Cisnes, in the remote region of Aysén, for an afternoon visit. We visit the seaport and explore the area, with its many fjords, islands, and channels. We hope to visit Magdalena Island, where we have a good chance of seeing penguins, cormorants, sea lions, and river otters.

    • Day 9 - Puerto Montt, Disembarkation

      Morning arrival in Puerto Montt and disembarkation.

    Please consider that our voyages are expeditionary in nature. This means, that there are no concrete itineraries, your Captain and Expedition Leader will utilise their vast experience to chart the best course for your expedition depending on the climatic and environmental conditions. Mentioned highlights and wildlife cannot be guaranteed.

  • Adventure Activities


    Our Sea Kayaking program is an exclusive experience under the guidance and leadership of an experienced Kayak Master, who takes our guests on a sea journey through icy waters while observing massive glaciers and aquatic wildlife.

    USD$ 895 per person
  • Inclusions
    Inclusions / Exclusions

    Included in your Expedition

    - Ship cruise as indicated in the itinerary corresponding to each expedition.
    - All guided shore excursions, as well as lectures and entertainment on board.
    - Loan of waterproof boots for landings in Antarctica, contingency plan, and IAATO passenger fee.
    - Daily buffet breakfast, à la carte lunch and dinner, as well as wine, beer, juice, soft drinks, coffee, tea, chocolate, cappuccino, water, and snacks on board the ship.
    - Special access to Explorers House for guests in Punta Arenas.
    - Comprehensive pre- and post-voyage information material.

    Not included in your Expedition

    - Visas for Chile and/or Argentina, passport expenses, and any arrival and/or departure tax, if applicable.
    - Gratuities.
    - Extra expenses (communication, laundry, souvenirs, etc.).
    - Personal travel insurance.
    - Internet connection on board the ship.
    - Beverages purchased at the ship’s bar.
    - Accommodation, meals, excursions, and transfers other than those included in the itinerary and the Contingency Plan corresponding to each voyage. Specifically, dinner in Punta Arenas upon return from Antarctica is not included.
  • Map
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  • Gallery
  • Vessel

    M/V Magellan Explorer, a brand new expedition vessel, will join the Antarctica fleet for the 2019-20 season.

    MV Magellan Explorer features 50 passenger suites and cabins in five categories of accommodation, including dedicated single cabins. The cabins are very spacious, ranging in size from 40 m2 (440 sq. ft.) to 20 m2 (220 sq. ft.). All double cabins have two twin beds that can be configured as one queen-size bed, offering great flexibility to our guests. 42 cabins feature a large window and a private balcony, while 8 cabins feature a porthole. All cabins feature a private bathroom and a sitting area.

    Public areas include a large, forward-facing observation lounge, an observation deck, a dining room that accommodates all guests and expedition staff in a single sitting, two meeting rooms, a gift shop, a protected outdoor barbecue area, a gym, and a sauna. The bow of the ship is accessible to guests to offer expansive views during exploration. Optional adventure activities, such as kayaking and snowshoeing, are available.

    Specific measures have been taken to minimize MV Magellan Explorer’s carbon footprint, including state-of-the-art engines that meet MARPOL’s stringent Tier III emission standards. To minimize fuel consumption, a waste heat recovery system recycles the heat produced by the ship’s engines and repurposes it to power the ship’s heating system and to warm the water used on board.


    Amenities & Services

    Public areas include a spacious forward-facing observation lounge and bar that is also used to deliver briefings and educational presentations. The bow of the ship is accessible to guests; together with the outdoor observation deck it offers expansive views and close contact with the natural environment during exploration. The dining room accommodates all guests and expedition staff in a single sitting. There is also a meeting room, a library, a gift shop, a protected outdoor barbecue area, a gym, and a sauna. Adventure activities, such as kayaking and snowshoeing, are available.

    The Vessel's Features

    The ship is being built to the latest Polar Code specifications and carries a Polar Class 6 ice-class (Lloyd’s Register PC6). For comfortable navigation, the ship features stabilizers; for maneuverability, she features bow and stern thrusters. For safety in navigation, there is an ice-detecting radar. And to reduce the environmental footprint, the vessel is equipped with an energy-recovery system that recycles the heat produced by the engines to warm up the ship and its water supply.

    Features & Facilities
    Key Facts
    Luxury star rating: 5
    Guests #: 69
    Crew #: 60
    Ice Class: PC 6
    Speed: 14
    Technical Specs
    Year built: 2019
    Length: 90m
    Width: 16
    Draft: 4
    Tonnage: 4900
    Registry: Bahamas
    Elec Outlets:
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