“We cannot protect something we do not love, we cannot love what we do not know, and we cannot know what we do not see. And touch. And hear.” – Richard Louv.

We believe that expedition and adventure travel is the best possible way to experience the wild and remote regions of the world.

Expedition and adventure travel is about creating an intimate experience, allowing you to gently explore and understand nature. Small groups of like minded travellers, led by passionate and experienced guides, bring your exploration to life with minimal impact on the local environs and its people.

Our selection of expedition operators are destination experts. Adhering to strict environmental regulations and protocols, most of which, have been developed in partnership with the operators to ensure sustainable environmentally sound operations in the pristine regions the operate.

Small numbers of expeditioners allows for flexibility and to ensure that you are able to maximise your wildlife opportunities. Our expedition team leaders, are world renowned for their experience and contributions in their respective fields of expertise. Their intimate knowledge and insight ensures your itinerary gives you maximum opportunity to explore and enjoy nature.

Your experience in nature will be truly expeditionary and will be at the mercy of the weather, ice and wind; our itineraries are flexible, allowing our expedition team leaders to take the best opportunities.

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  • What are small expedition’s vessels?

    The iExpedition vessels range in size from 10 - 300 passengers, each purpose designed for a unique and enhanced experience. We believe that to achieve the ultimate experience, we must immerse you fully in the location.

    Certain remote regions have strict regulations regarding the number of passengers that are able to land ashore at any one particular time. Often this number is limited to around 100 passengers, which is why ships under 300 passengers are ideally suited to the regions like the Arctic and Antarctica where strict tourism guidelines are in place.

  • Why consider a small expedition lodge/vessel over a typical travel experience?

    Small expedition vessels provide both an enhanced experience and create travel ambassadors. With expert guides that are passionate about the region, you will find yourself absorbed in the knowledge of your guide, through a variety of daily lectures, on landings, in discussions and documentaries.

    Small expedition vessels are afforded greater flexibility with their itineraries and daily operations, providing you with an excellent experience, based on the conditions of the day.

  • Different expedition vessels

    With close to 40 expedition vessels to choose from we are sure that iExpedition will have an expedition vessel option perfectly suited to you. Whether you are looking for a true expedition experience, a luxury experience or to achieve your dream within a budget we have a vessel that will suit your experience.

    With options ranging in size from 10 passengers ice-strengthened vessels, to pure expedition orientated vessels under 100 passengers and a range of budget, mid-level and luxury vessels above 100 passengers, iExpedition has one of the largest range of expedition vessels available.

  • Adventure Activities

    With less passengers on-board and a high passenger to expedition staff ratios, our vessels and lodges are able to offer a variety of unique adventure activities. Some of the options below are provided free of charge, while others are paid for optional extras and may require previous levels of experience for participation.

    • Polar Plunge
    • Snowshoeing
    • Snorkeling
    • Photography
    • Hot Air Ballooning
    • Camping
    • Climbing
    • Scuba Diving
    • Hiking
    • Kayaking
    • Skiing
    • Stand Up Paddle boarding
    • Helicopter tours
  • A typical Expedition Day

    Expedition days are long, exciting and no two days are the same. After your first day on-board, you will often feel like the days have rolled into one. With so many amazing experiences, memories and conversations with fellow travellers, you will be creating long lasting memories.

    A typical day on your expedition may follow a similar course as the outline below:

    06:00 First announcement for Breakfast
    06:00-07:00 Breakfast
    07:00-07:30 Prepare for first excursion
    07:30-10:00 First daily Zodiac excursion or shore landing
    10:00 Morning tea and lecture
    12:00-13:30 Lunch and repositioning
    13:30-14:30 Lecture/Discussion/Documentary
    14:30-15:00 Prepare for second excursion
    15:00-17:00 Second daily Zodiac excursion or shore landing
    17:00-18:00 Afternoon tea
    19:00-20:00 Dinner
    20:30 Evening Lecture/Discussion/Documentary
    *Timings are provided as a reference only. All expedition itineraries are subject to change, based on the conditions of the day.