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40-Day From The Amazon To South Georgia & The Antarctic

  • Overview

    Embark on a 40-day expedition that will take you from the lush rainforests of the Amazon to the icy wilderness of Antarctica, with a wildlife-rich detour to South Georgia Island.

    Duration: 41 days
    Passengers: 264 passengers
    Embarkation Point: Manaus, Brazil
    Disembarkation Point: Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Physical rating: Soft Adventure
    Fly/Cruise: Cruise only
    Single Supplement: 2.0x twin rate or share options
  • Itinerary
    • Day 0 - Manaus, Brazil

      Manaus, at first glance, appears as a beacon of civilization amidst the untamed wilderness. Nestled at the confluence of two major rivers and nearly at the heart of the Amazon, the city surprises visitors with its bustling metropolis, complete with towering structures, shopping centers, and a vibrant population of approximately 2 million residents, all immersed in their daily routines.

      Manaus serves as a pivotal industrial hub for Brazil, contributing to the country's production of electronic appliances, as well as playing a crucial role in the tourism and natural extractivism sectors. Echoes of the Rubber Boom Era are evident in the city's colonial architectures, with the Amazonas Opera House standing as a testament to its opulent past.

    • Day 1/4 - Amazon Experience

      Depending on the water levels and other changing conditions, your captain and veteran expedition leader will choose from among the innumerable fascinating sites along this particular stretch of the Amazon River to plot itineraries for Zodiac and kayak explorations, treks and visits to places and people of interest. Expedition team members will also be on deck and in observation lounges offering insights into the passing terrain and pointing out wildlife and other highlights while the ship is at anchor or cruising the river.

    • Day 5 - Days At Sea

      NOV 04, 2025

    • Day 6 - Crossing the Equator

      If you are a “pollywog,” who has never crossed the line at sea, you will be expected to undergo a mock trial by King Neptune and his court for the entertainment of the “shellbacks” who have already done so. Mild but hilarious indignities will be conjured, and in the end a good time will be had by most, if not all.

    • Day 7/8 - Days At Sea

      NOV 06, 2025 - NOV 07, 2025

    • Day 9 - Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

      If Rio is the heart of Brazil and Sao Paulo is its brain, Salvador is its spirit. It was here in 1549 that the Portuguese founded the capital city and chief port of their new colony. Vast fortunes were made through the slave trade, and the introduction of a large African population had an important effect on the local culture. Salvador is built in two levels, with the most appealing being the upper city, the lovely colonial neighborhood of Pelourinho, which in recent years has been completely restored to its former glory.

    • Day 10/11 - Days At Sea

      NOV 09, 2025 - NOV 10, 2025

    • Day 12 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

      The harbour of Rio de Janeiro, cradled by the southern contours of Guanabara Bay under the majestic shadows of Corcovado and Sugarloaf mountains, is one of the world's most unique and awe-inspiring ports. As you approach by sea, Sugarloaf Mountain is your welcoming beacon, inviting you to experience the exhilarating cable-car ride to its summit for a panoramic view of the city and its famed beaches: Copacabana, Tijuca, Ipanema, and Leblon.

      Rio de Janeiro vibrates with the rhythm and vitality of its renowned Carnavál Sambadrome parades, regardless of when you choose to visit. The city enjoys UNESCO World Heritage status, recognized as the 'Carioca Landscapes, Between the Mountain and the Sea.' Your exploration of Rio wouldn't be complete without visiting certain landmarks: the ascent to Sugarloaf, the lush Tijuca Rainforest Park, the towering Christ the Redeemer statue on Corcovado, and for football aficionados, the legendary Maracanä Stadium.

    • Day 13/14 - Parati, Brazil

      The tiny harbor town of Parati (Paraty) is a colonial-era charmer, overlooking a protected bay along Brazil’s Costa Verde, “the Green Coast.” Founded by the Portuguese in 1597, Parati flourished as a transportation hub during the 17th and 18th centuries after gold was discovered in the state of Minas Gerais. The port was all but forgotten after Brazil declared its independence in 1822; today, its time-warp Old Town — designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2019 — the largest concentration of colonial architecture in the country. Spend some time wandering its pedestrianized cobblestone streets, admiring the elegant churches and whitewashed buildings with colorful trim. Forte Defensor Perpétuo — in the 18th century to protect the town from pirates — features a small museum and mesmerizing views. The historic Caminho do Ouro or Gold Trail is a 1,200-mile-long thoroughfare laid by slaves that connected Minas Gerais with neighboring states; you can follow a stretch from Parati through lush Atlantic rainforest in Serra da Bocaina National Park, stopping at a series of waterfalls and freshwater pools.

    • Day 15/16 - Days At Sea

      NOV 14, 2025 - NOV 15, 2025

    • Day 17 - Montevideo, Uruguay

      Tucked between Brazil and Argentina, the Republic of Uruguay decidedly holds its own with unique traditions and identity. Despite being South America's second smallest nation, Uruguay feels like a vibrant city enveloped by expansive ranchlands. Often dubbed as the 'Switzerland of South America,' Montevideo mirrors Switzerland's discreet banking system.

      OPTION 1: Montevideo Highlights & Tango Experience
      Immerse yourself in the beauty of Montevideo on a scenic drive. Witness historic landmarks and monuments, then visit the Mercado Agricola, a bustling farmer's market teeming with local charm. End your day with a stirring tango performance at Baar Fun Fun, a venue steeped in over 80 years of history.

      OPTION 2: Montevideo Old Town Walk & Tango Show
      Explore the architectural wonders of Montevideo on foot. Discover the eclectic mix of styles in the city, then experience the passion of Uruguayan dance at Baar Fun Fun.

      *Experiences subject to change.

    • Day 18/21 - Days At Sea

      NOV 17, 2025 - NOV 20, 2025

    • Day 22 - Stanley/Falkland Is/Islas Malvinas

      The Falkland Islands are a world unto themselves. This remote archipelago are wind-swept and bathed in stunning natural beauty, magnificent wildlife, and are home to a gregarious mix of people. More than 200 islands dot the waters around the two mainlands of East and West Falkland, presenting landscapes that are breathtakingly pure and stark, yet vibrantly detailed. Here, the shores are devoid of trees but teem with an impressive variety of bird species including albatross, penguins, caracaras, and geese.

      The Islands are also steeped in maritime and military history, with over three hundred shipwrecks scattered along their coasts. The serene white crosses marking the final resting places of British and Argentine soldiers serve as silent testaments to the war of 1982. Through the course of their history, many have laid claim to these islands, but today, they stand proud as a self-governing British Overseas Territory.

      Stanley, Falkland Islands
      The solitary lighthouse at Cape Pembroke stands as a beacon for those journeying to Stanley, warning them of the perilous rocks, reefs, and shoals that the Falkland Islands are known for. Stanley, the largest settlement on the islands, is a charming enclave with a population of over 2,000. Its quaint gardens, delightful tea rooms, brightly hued houses, and cozy hotels exude a distinctly Victorian aura, as if time has graciously stood still here. The Anglican Cathedral, the world's southernmost, proudly graces Stanley’s waterfront.

      In Stanley, the extraordinary wildlife of the Falklands is always close at hand. Dolphins often dance at its harbor, while steamer ducks, kelp gulls, and other birds thrive on its shores. Southern sea lions bask in the sun, and Southern giant petrels glide through town, seemingly unfazed by human activity. Established in the 1840s, Stanley was named after Edward Smith-Stanley, Earl of Derby, who never actually set foot on these islands.

    • Day 23/24 - Days At Sea

      NOV 22, 2025 - NOV 23, 2025

    • Day 25/26 - South Georgia Experience

      The South Georgia Islands Group is one of the least visited destinations on earth. It consists of South Georgia Island and smaller surrounding islands and rocks. Largely untouched and blessed with a sub-Antarctic climate and nutrient-rich seas, it represents a sort of Lost Eden of unspoiled wildlife habitat. Although ice and snow are present, they are strikingly green with vegetation as compared with Antarctica. They teem with wildlife, including massive populations of king and other penguin species, fur seals, elephant seals, albatrosses, giant petrels, and other seabirds. Whales, orcas and dolphins abound offshore in the most diverse marine ecosystem on earth. Your captain and expedition leader plan your days in South Georgia to offer you a variety of experiences in this remote and enchanting destination, based on conditions and wildlife reports. These will certainly include visits to historic communities such as Grytviken, with its memorial to Ernest Shackleton, the immense breeding colony of king penguins on the Salisbury Plain and other highlights, along with less well-known, but equally unforgettable sites. Your veteran expedition team members enrich your experience during presentations and in casual conversations and interpret passing sights during time spent cruising. They will also accompany you on landings at the various sites and excursions in Zodiacs and kayaks.

    • Day 27 - South Georgia Experience

      The South Georgia Islands Group, one of the least visited destinations on earth, is a gem in the heart of the sub-Antarctic. Comprising of South Georgia Island and its smaller surrounding islands and rocks, this untouched paradise houses a rich tapestry of wildlife, thriving in a climate that is as harsh as it is beautiful. Despite the presence of ice and snow, these islands are remarkably green, their vegetation a stark contrast to the icy expanses of Antarctica. This is a Lost Eden where nature reigns supreme, teeming with an array of wildlife that includes vast colonies of king and other penguin species, fur and elephant seals, albatrosses, giant petrels, and other seabirds. Offshore, whales, orcas, and dolphins thrive in the nutrient-rich waters, making this the most diverse marine ecosystem on earth.

      Your journey through the South Georgia Islands Group is carefully curated by your captain and Expedition Leader based on local conditions and wildlife reports. You'll venture to historic communities like Grytviken, visit the sprawling breeding colony of king penguins on Salisbury Plain, and explore the rarely-visited, lesser-known sites nature allows.

    • Day 28/31 - Days At Sea

      NOV 27, 2025 - NOV 30, 2025

    • Day 32/37 - Antarctic Experience

      Depending on weather, ice conditions and reported wildlife distribution during your voyage, your captain and expedition team will program an additional day of discovery and adventure for you in Antarctica.

    • Day 38/39 - Days At Sea

      DEC 07, 2025 - DEC 08, 2025

    • Day 40 - Ushuaia, Argentina

      Once deemed too harsh for European settlement, Ushuaia's rugged beauty was the realm of its native inhabitants - the Yahgan People. Today, it holds the distinctive title of being the southernmost city on Earth, often referred to as 'the end of the world.' Situated along the banks of the Beagle Channel, Ushuaia unveils itself like an artist's masterpiece. A mosaic of vibrant houses adds a splash of color against the dramatic backdrop of snow-capped mountains. Dominating this breathtaking panorama is Monte Olivia, its jagged peaks soaring 4,530 feet above the landscape.

      The terrain transforms from dense forests of Southern beech trees at sea level to alpine ecosystems as you ascend. Thanks to its strategic location and proximity to the Antarctic Peninsula, Ushuaia has earned its status as the gateway to the Great White Continent. Yet, Ushuaia is more than just a stepping stone to Antarctica. It's a treasure trove of natural history, indigenous heritage, and the spirit of exploration. From embarking on awe-inspiring treks in the nearby Tierra del Fuego National Park to delving into the rich narratives at 'The End of the World' museum, Ushuaia promises a plethora of experiences that cater to the curious and the adventurous alike.

    • Day 40 - Ezeiza International Airport

      Ezeiza International Airport, the airport for Buenos Aires. Referred to as the 'Paris of South America', Buenos Aires is considered as one of the most livable cities in South America. Although the bustling capital city has just under 3,000,000 inhabitants and a population density of 13,680 inhabitants per square kilometer (34,800 per square mile), it was rated in 2018 as one of the top cities on the continent for its ‘quality of life’. Twinned with world cities such as Moscow and Miami, Buenos Aires displays through its architecture, a cultural past rooted in both the Old and New Worlds. A vibrancy for life can be seen everywhere. Crowded public markets, street performers dancing the tango, colorful graffiti-style street art, ultra-modern buildings, a dramatic skyline and a bustling port. Culturally, Buenos Aires has the busiest live theatre industry on Earth, outperforming New York, London and Paris. Every weekend, over 300 theatres are active with plays and productions.

      Buenos Aires was founded in 1580 by Spanish explorer Juan de Garay, and has changed hands many times during its history

    Please consider that our voyages are expeditionary in nature. This means, that there are no concrete itineraries, your Captain and Expedition Leader will utilise their vast experience to chart the best course for your expedition depending on the climatic and environmental conditions. Mentioned highlights and wildlife cannot be guaranteed.

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  • Inclusions
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    Included in your Expedition

    - Inclusive zodiac tours and landings
    - Digital photography workshops
    - Complimentary Seabourn expedition-grade parka and day pack
    - Opportunities for frequent wildlife sightings from the ship and on shore
    - Onboard Expedition team providing narration and insight to all aspects of the experience
    - Inspiring Enrichment Program and special guest speakers on board

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    Seabourn's ultra-luxury purpose-built expedition ship Seabourn Venture, paying tribute to the remote destinations visited by the brand's highly successful expedition and Ventures by Seabourn excursion programs and the fascinating places yet to be explored in the future.

    The ship was designed and built for diverse environments to PC6 Polar Class standards and includes a plethora of modern hardware and technology that will extend the ship's global deployment and capabilities. 

    A new and exciting offering will be two custom-built submarines carried onboard, providing an unforgettable view of the world beneath the ocean’s surface. The ship is also designed to carry a complement of double sea kayaks as well as 24 Zodiacs that can accommodate all onboard guests at once, which will allow for a truly immersive experience. 

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    Luxury star rating:
    Guests #: 264
    Crew #:
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    Year built:
    Length: 170m
    Width: 24
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USD$ 103,399pp