what to do when we can't travel

What To Do When We Can't Travel


What to do when you can't travel

We understand that for all you adventurers out there, not being able to travel right now is tough. So we’ve put together a couple of little dot points to get your time in social distancing and self-isolation cruising 😉

1. Share responsibly

We didn’t want to have to put this one first, but here it goes. Unfortunately, COVID-19 scams are now a thing. To prevent the spread of misinformation, please do not share COVID-19 content unless it has come from a reputable source. It's important at this time we ensure the accuracy of the information received. 

We recommend looking to the World Health Organisation for updates. 

Okay, now to the fun stuff!

2. Make phone calls and video calls

While texting is often how many of us communicate during our busy day-to-day lives, self-isolation means we have an abundance of time to connect with our friends and family in a more traditional way – with a good old fashioned phone call. Hearing someone’s voice right now might be just the thing they – or you – need while bunkering down. 

If you feel that a phone call is just too dang old fashioned or you simply want to make an even stronger connection, make a video call and get an eyeful of their wonderful face.

Think you can’t take this to the next level? Think again. Create your very own Netflix Party. A mish-mash of Netflix and group chat, the platform allows you to invite people to watch shows with you. Think of it like a giant online movie night

3. Check-in on your neighbours

For some, this will be a normal check-in. For others, it might be the first time they’re becoming more aware of the people within their local communities – including those that may be more vulnerable, like the elderly. 

Heading to the shops? Or perhaps you have some extra food items or general household supplies? Pop a note in your neighbour’s letterbox with your phone number so they can reach out to you.  

If you fall into the ‘at risk’ category, please register with Woolworth’s priority delivery service and if your neighbours are elderly, why not offer to sign up for them. 

4. Turn off the news and tune into nature

It can be hard to maintain a sense of calm during this time, especially when we’re plugged into the news cycle 24/7. So turn off your TV and put down your phone – we promise the world isn’t going to stop spinning if you do – and, if you can, get outside into nature. Whether that’s your local park or your backyard, stretching your legs or looking up at the stars. Breathing in some fresh air will do wonders for your mental state. 

5. Choose to postpone instead of cancel if you can 🙏🏻

While your instinct right now might be to cancel your upcoming holidays, we urge you to consider postponing them instead. Like you, the travel industry is reeling from the ripple effects caused by this virus outbreak. But by postponing your travel to a future date you are comfortable with, not only are you supporting the agents, suppliers and operators you’ve booked with, but also their families on the ground. 

6. No holiday? No worries. Plan your next adventure.

Whether your adventure has been postponed or the one you were thinking about booking is now moot, don’t throw your hands up in the air just yet. Instead, use this time to dive head first into your chosen destination – its history, its culture and natural wonders, the activities you can do and the people you could meet. 

This is the opportunity to plan an even more enriching experience when you do eventually arrive. Our specialist team is available to discuss with you any destinations or experiences you'd love to have and then provide recommendations based on your travel preferences.

In the meantime, you can always live out your travel dreams in your lounge room like this creative Melbourne couple, who are living their cruise dreams in the safety of their own home. 

7. Watch | My Corona (My Sharona parady)

Click the image to watch this funny parady of My Sharona.  

8. Shop Local, Support Australian Travel Specialists.

Australians are seemingly born with wanderlust already running through our veins. We must travel or we'd simply be stuck on this big old island girt by sea for eternity. Lucky for you, there is an amazing network of Australian travel specialists here to help you craft the most exciting adventures. 

iExpedition is one of them. Purely specialising in expedition cruises or small ship ship adventures to the world’s most remote corners, our team has more than a decade of experience working closely with the most exciting adventure cruise companies on the planet.

We've worked through difficult situations before and we’ll continue to do so now. And, most of all, we’re confident about continuing to do what we do best – helping you embark on your dream expedition cruise adventures. Our team is ready to help you plan your next adventure and looking forward to hearing from you soon:

We would like to thank you for your continued support and send our love to those who have had their travel and health affected by this outbreak.