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The Ultimate Ski Expeditions in 2020


Announcing the ultimate skiing expeditions in Antarctica and Greenland with Bomber Ski, Olympic Medalist Bode Miller, and Doug Stoup

The Legend and Bomber Ski announce the ultimate experience for any serious skiing enthusiast: a week-long, superyacht-based skiing adventure, in Antarctica or Greenland, guided by six-time Olympic medalist Bode Miller and polar explorer Doug Stoup. Scheduled for December 2020 (Antarctica) and April 2020 (Greenland), both expeditions are timed for ideal skiing conditions, combining first tracks with many other wonders of the polar regions while enjoying the comfort of a 77-meter ultra-luxury superyacht.

Ben Lyons, ice-navigator of the Legend, said, “Over the last several years, we have worked with Doug on skiing expeditions in both the Arctic and Antarctic. The opportunity now to have both Bode and Doug onboard makes for an unbelievable combination; both are ideal skiing partners and great companions off the slopes.

Guests will sail on the 22-guest expedition yacht Legend, which boasts an ice-strengthened hull specifically designed for polar waters. A large Jacuzzi is the perfect place to relax after a day’s skiing while the onboard cinema and range of tenders, including a 5-person submersible that can dive 1,000 feet below the surface, to enable other-worldly aspects of Antarctica to be enjoyed.”

Bob Cooper, CEO of Bomber Skis, said, “These are the signature events of Bomber Experiences—tailored events designed for the passionate skier looking for the best experience, anywhere, creating memories for a lifetime. We’ll be in both Antarctica and Greenland in the early season, when the snow is still fresh and pristine, and enjoy stunning runs from peak to coast, enjoyable for skiers of every level.”

Cooper added, “​Bode, a material owner and global brand ambassador of Bomber, is intricately involved in the development of every ski that leaves our factory. His love for alpine culture and relentless quest for ski perfection drives Bomber to be more than just a manufacturer of the best skis in the world. This will be his first time in Antarctica, and he couldn’t be more excited to ski the 7th continent!  Additionally, polar explorer Doug Stoup, having just completed his 50th trip to Antarctica, brings insights and experience second to none.”

For the Antarctica departure, guests will depart from Chile and fly over the Drake Passage, landing in Antarctica to board Legend for a week exploring the Antarctic Peninsula.

In Greenland, guests will spend their week along the country’s west coast, where towering mountain peaks cascade directly into the sea; an onboard helicopter will whisk guests directly from the yacht to the slopes in a matter of minutes.

When not skiing, guests can join their expert guides for paddles in kayaks or paddleboards, in the yacht’s tenders to watch 40-ton humpback whales feed, on hikes ashore to see bustling colonies of charismatic penguins, or to the Greenlandic icecap where other activities may include ice climbing, dog-sledding, snowmobiles or fat biking. This is an amazing opportunity to ski pristine environments that few ever experience, in the company of leading expert guides, while Legend’s crew (with a greater than 1 crew to 1 guest ratio) ensures attentive, personalized service.

On each expedition, every guest will receive Bomber equipment, including skis, poles and helmet.


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