Most Popular arctic cruises

Arctic Cruise Itineraries: The Most Popular


The Arctic vast expanse opens it up to provide a huge collection of diverse and exciting itinerary programs.

From exploring the picturesque Scottish Isles and Norwegian Fjords, to search for Polar bears on Arctic pack-ice, Snorkelling with Orca or standing atop of the World. There is surely an Arctic itinerary that has to be worth adding to your bucket list.

Voyages have been listed below in terms of popularity, that is not to say that the itineraries towards #10 are not incredible itineraries. It’s just that the voyages closer to #1 are more favoured by our expeditioner’s for a variety of reasons.

10: Franz Josef Land

Franz Josef land trappers huts

franz josef land cruise mapOur in-depth Franz Josef Land itineraries are operated on board the Sea Spirit. These 15-day itineraries, depart from Longyearbyen, Svalbard and are the itineraries to provide such a lengthy exploration of the archipelago. This spectacular High Arctic wilderness is home to huge amounts of migratory wildlife and has some of the most exciting stories of Polar exploration from bygone eras.

Our voyages to the North Polar and the Northeast Passage, will also touch on Franz Josef Land, but only for a few days.


  • Average Duration: 15 Days
  • Departure Dates: July – August
  • Starting price: AUD$12,995 per person Triple berth
  • Starting price: AUD$17,595 per person Twin berth
  • Voyage Highlights: Remote landscape teeming with wildlife, Huge populations of Migratory species, Polar bear
  • Travel with the leaders in Russian Arctic Expeditions.
  • *Russian Visa is strictly required.

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9: North Pole

north pole icebreaker ice

The 50 Years of Victory en route towards the North Pole.

north pole cruise mapPossibly among some of the most exciting and gratifying of all our Arctic voyages, are our voyages which travel to the North Pole. On board the 50 Years of Victory, the world’s largest and most powerful nuclear-powered icebreaker. You will experience a thrill like no other, as the ship arrives at the Arctic dense pack ice and begins launching itself atop of the ice and breaking its way through ice 2.5 meters thick. Arriving at the North Pole, you will disembark and take in the accomplishment of arriving at the most northern point on the planet. Your time on the North Pole may also allow you to take an exciting helicopter and hot air balloon rides (weather and voyage dependent). On your return to Murmansk, you will stop at the wildlife-rich reserve of Franz Josef Land.

This voyage departs and returns to Murmansk, Russia, with a few of the departures including charter flights to and from Helsinki, Finland.

  • Average Duration: 14 Days
  • Departure Dates: June – July
  • Starting price: AUD$39,000 per person Twin berth
  • Starting price: AUD$44,000 per person Suite berth
  • Voyage Highlights: Stand on top of the world, Helicopter and Hot Air balloon above the North Polar, Explore Franz Josef Land.

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8: Greenland & Baffin Island

baffin island krystle wright_web

Exploring some of the least visited regions of the Arctic, these voyages explore the western coastline of Greenland and the eastern coastline of Baffin Island. Both regions are extremely picturesque, with their deep fjords, huge glaciers and ice-fields and an abundance of wildlife. Some of these voyages travel north to Ellesmere Island at 80°N and where the Canadian Arctic reaches out to almost touching Greenland.

  • Average Duration: 13 Days
  • Departure Dates: May – September
  • Starting price: USD$9,595 per person Triple berth
  • Starting price: USD$11,395 per person Twin berth
  • Voyage Highlights: Inspiring Inuit cultures, Remote Arctic regions, Deep Fjords, Disko Bay, Pond Inlet, Ellesmere Island

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7: Canadian Arctic

akademik ioffe in the high arctic

The ship Akademik Ioffe among icebergs.

Home to some of the most fascinating maritime stories in history, our Canadian Arctic voyages deliver a remarkable adventure for history and nature buffs alike. The majority of our voyages that focus on the Canadian Arctic will undertake a portion or complete the Northwest Passage route. Other options, will focus their time around Baffin Island, either navigating the coastline of Baffin Island, exploring north to Ellesmere Island or cutting across to the west coast of Greenland and exploring stunning areas around Disko Bay.

  • Average Duration: 10 Days
  • Departure Dates: July – September
  • Starting price: USD$6,705 per person Triple berth
  • Starting price: USD$7,795 per person Twin berth
  • Voyage Highlights: Remote nature, narrow channels and fjords, Polar Bears, Glaciers and
  • Icebergs, Fascinating stories of historical maritime feats.

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6: Northeast & Northwest Passages

polar bears in wrangel island

Both of these voyages are steeped in vast numbers of historical maritime stories. Both routes, for hundreds of years, attracted attempts from numerous expeditions to conquer both routes. The ultimate goal of both routes, as to ease trading between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean regions, without having to travel south and extending the length of the passage by thousands of kilometres.


The complete passage travels from Kangerlussuaq, Greenland to Nome, Alaska or vice versa.

  • Average Duration: 13 Days
  • Departure Dates: July – September
  • Starting price: USD$9,595 per person Triple berth
  • Starting price: USD$11,395 per person Twin berth
  • Voyage Highlights: Franz Joseph Land, Wrangel Island, Polar Bears, Indigenous Communities, Historic route

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The complete passage travels from Tromso, Norway to Anadyr, Russia or vice versa.

  • Average Duration: 27 Days
  • Departure Dates: August – September
  • Starting price: USD$20,300 per person Triple berth
  • Starting price: USD$21,900 per person Twin berth
  • *Russian Visa is strictly required.
  • Voyage Highlights: Historical route, Narrow passages, Picturesque Arctic scenery, Polar bears

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5: Greenland & Northern Lights

the northern lights greenland

Photo by Mads Pihl – Visit Greenland

greenland cruise mapGreenland is a true Arctic gem, it’s a land where such a vast portion of the land is covered in ice and glaciers. Here the local communities are so inspired and connected with their surrounding environments that they oppose big business and mining at every turn. Fascinating is that high up the western coastline of the continent mountains are rising, at a rate of 1-3 centimetres per year, faster than anywhere else on earth.

Greenland voyages tend not to happen at the very beginning of the season, to allow the ice in Scoresby Sund and Disko Bay to break down.

Some of the best Northern Light (Aurora Borealis) viewing is in both Greenland and Norway. This is due to its sheer remoteness from on both these destinations. By focusing voyages on areas around Greenland, you will also experience Greenlands amazing natural landscapes and ice-filled fjords. These voyages begin in late August and travel through September, for optimal chances to catch exquisite Northern Light shows.


  • Average Duration: 10 Days
  • Departure Dates: August – September
  • Starting price: AUD$6,000 per person Triple berth
  • Starting price: AUD$7,800 per person Twin berth
  • Voyage Highlights: Huge landscape, Inspiring Inuit communities, Scoresby Sund & Disko Bay, Glaciers, Ice-bergs, Musk ox

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  • Average Duration: 8 Days
  • Departure Dates: August – September
  • Starting price: USD$2,200 per person Twin berth (Noorderlict)
  • Voyage Highlights: Northern Lights, Greenland, Svalbard, Norway

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4: Scotland

Explore the majestic of northern Scotland and experience her ancient cultures, geological spectacular coastline and incredible seabirds. Voyages to Scotland, showcase some of the country’s most prized coastline and coastal villages. We have a number of voyages that touch on Scotland, but only the Polar Pioneer offer an in-depth exploration of the Scottish coastline.

  • Average Duration: 11 Days
  • Departure Dates: May – June
  • Starting price: AUD$7,500 per person Triple berth
  • Starting price: AUD$9,100 per person Twin berth
  • Voyage Highlights: Scottish Island, Ancient cultures, Ancient Villages, Incredible seabirds including Puffins, Shetland & Orkney Islands

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3: Norway

bergen norway

Often described as the number cruise destination in the world, the Norwegian coastline always delivers. The sheer level of beauty contained in its landscape is impeccable, from sheer cliffs extending hundred of meters from the ocean’s edge, to deep and narrow fjords and quaint coastal villages. Exploring this region on an expedition vessel will allow you to maximise your experience and see much more of this amazing destination.

  • Average Duration: 11 Days
  • Departure Dates: May – July
  • January, February & November for Snorkel w Orca voyage
  • Starting price: AUD$4,399 per person Quad berth
  • Starting price: AUD$6,099 per person Twin berth
  • Voyage Highlights: Huge and narrow fjords, Picturesque countryside and coastal villages, Whales, Seabirds

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2: Svalbard

Polar bear on sea ice in Svalbard taken from aboard the National Geographic Explorer.

spitsbergen cruise mapEasily the most popular expedition for anyone looking to see a Polar bear in its natural habitat. Polar bears exist in vast numbers around Svalbard and are more often than not seen on these voyages. For the best chance to see Polar bears in this region, it is certainly advantageous to look at voyages travelling in May, June or early July. As this is when the pack ice is still thick from the Arctic winter and the bears explore further out to sea.

*Svalbard is also referred to as Spitsbergen


  • Average Duration: 7 Days
  • Departure Dates: May – September
  • Starting price: AUD$4,800 per person Triple berth
  • Starting price: AUD$6,800 per person Twin berth
  • Voyage Highlights: Polar bears, Seabirds, Seals, Walrus, Arctic scenery

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1: Three Arctic Islands

Passengers in East Greenland explore its vast landscape.

iceland greenland spitsbergen cruise mapOur voyages which taken in Iceland, Greenland and Svalbard are certainly some of my anticipate voyages we offer each season. These voyages offer an encompassed experience of the Arctic. Taking in the Fire & Ice of Island, the eastern coastline of Greenland including Scoresby Sund and finishing in Svalbard. These voyages offer such diversity across each of the three destinations that they explore.



  • Average Duration: 13 Days
  • Departure Dates: July – September
  • Starting price: AUD$7,399 per person Quad berth
  • Starting price: AUD$9,699 per person Twin berth
  • Voyage Highlights: Whales, Seabirds, Scoresby Sund, Sea ice

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