10 arctic facts

10 Fast Facts – The Arctic


We are here to help you in more ways than one – here are 10 Arctic facts to bring to the table while making new acquaintances on your expedition of a lifetime:

  1. The largest known polar bear was 1004 kilograms and 4 metres long!
  2. Polar bears only inhabit the Arctic, and you won’t find any penguins!
  3. The Arctic Ocean is the smallest of the 5 oceans.
  4. Indigenous people make up only 10% of the population.  
  5. The Narwhal, found only in the Arctic, is also known as ‘The Unicorn of the Sea’.
  6. The word ‘Arctic’ gets its name from the Greek word Arktos, meaning Bear.  This is not related to polar bears but thought to be in reference to the constellations Ursa Major, meaning Great Bear and Ursa Minor, meaning Little Bear, containing Polaris, the North Star.
  7. The Svalbard Arctic Seed Vault is inside the Arctic Circle, with the capacity to store 2.25 billion seeds housed beneath the permafrost.  
  8. Although Santa is said to currently reside in the North Pole, the original St. Nicholas was from the area now known as Turkey.
  9. There are periods of at least 24 hours in the Arctic where the sun doesn’t set, called the Midnight Sun, and where the sun doesn’t rise, known as the Polar Night.
  10. At the North Pole, the sun sets and rises only once a year!

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