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Antarctica Adventure Activities


With such an incredible display of nature and wildlife in Antarctica, our adventure activities will ensure that you bring out your inner adventurer.

When planning to set sail on your trip of a lifetime, you can create your own adventure from the many unique experiences on offer.  How many times will you find yourself at the end of the Earth? Get into the spirit of a true adventurer and enhance your expedition by:


Camping in Antarctica.

Camping in Antarctica is a beautiful way to take in and listen to the silence.

Away from the hum and comfort of your ship, you will be immersed in the peaceful Antarctic mainland overnight, just as the early explorers would have done.  With all of the benefits of camping in nature and the equipment provided for you, you will gain a different insight into the continent you travelled to the end of the Earth to explore.  You may even awake to inquisitive morning visitors to your camp, don’t worry there are no Polar bears here! Many expeditions now offer Antarctic camping, but with numbers generally limited, it’s best to book ahead. Prices range from being inclusive, up to AUD$500 per person.

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Take in the spectacular surroundings quietly and peacefully under your own steam in a sea kayak and in close proximity to the icebergs and wildlife than a Zodiac can achieve. You will gain insight into the animals who make their living from both the land and sea, as you meet up with your fellow passengers during landings. Antarctic sea kayaking will see you paddling through icy waters in the comfort of your drysuit, drifting past icebergs, exploring the rugged coastline and becoming apart of your surroundings. You may spy seals sunbaking on the ice, penguins busying themselves fishing and building their rookeries, and birds flying overhead as you slip by. Extensive experience is not required, but it is recommended if you have not kayaked before, to take a few lessons prior to your voyage. Prices range from being inclusive, up to AUD $2,000 per person.

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Polar scuba diving in Antarctica

See the full-berg when you Scuba in the icy Antarctic waters.

Want to experience more than the tip of the iceberg?  Dive into another world with expeditions providing polar scuba diving. Explore the Antarctic ocean’s glaciers, giant icebergs, and witness the wildlife drawn to the waters rich with krill. Polar scuba diving will give you the chance to see seals and penguins in their most active and graceful state. Add depth to your Antarctic adventure, lead by expert polar diving guides. Prices range from AUD$750 to AUD$1,250 per person, equipment not provided. A high level of dry suit experience and your own gear is required in order to participate.

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Polar snorkeling in Antarctica

Polar snorkelling is a unique Antarctic experience.

With many of the spectacular benefits of diving expeditions, without the need to be a qualified and experienced diver, polar snorkelling allows you to visit the underwater world.   See beneath the surface of Antarctica and explore the coastline from below, in the comfort of your drysuit.  Snorkelling gives you the opportunity to see penguins diving and darting for their dinner, glaciers, icebergs, seals and starfish, and all of the magic that happens under the sea. Approximately AUD$600 per person.

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Antarctica helicopter tour

Helicopter flights in the Weddell Sea are an exciting way to see this region and search for Emperor penguins. Photo David Mannix

Get a birds-eye view of the exotic land and seascapes when you take a trip up into the blue.  Give yourself the best chance of seeing the penguin family’s largest and most famous member, the Emperor Penguin, on the Weddell Sea – In Search of Emperor Penguins with Helicopters expedition. Whether or not you meet these superstars, you won’t regret getting up, up and away.

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Snowshoeing in Antarctica.

Guided snowshoeing is a great way to break away from the group and see more of the Antarctic landscape.

Allowing you to experience more of the Antarctic mainland, with no previous experience necessary, snowshoeing ease’s walking in powdery conditions and on uphill slopes. Led by expert guides, you will reach some of the Antarctic coastlines’ best vantage points, giving you a better perspective of the majestic slice of paradise you have travelled so far to see. Snowshoeing is generally inclusive but may be at an additional cost.

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Antarctica photography class. Polar photography

Most of our expedition have on board photography workshops.

With Kodak-moments a-plenty, you’ll want to get the best out of your equipment.  Learn from the talented photographers accompanying you on your journey, with workshops on the ship and out on location.  Select ships also offer a Photography Masterclass with award-winning photographers.  Bringing professional experience both in the trade and the Antarctic conditions, their tips and tricks will assist you to translate your favourite moments into lasting mementoes. Workshops are generally inclusive, Masterclass prices can be provided on request.

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Ski Antarctica

Ski Antarctica with the team on board the Icebird for some of the most extreme skiing you will experience.

Expedition cruising doesn’t have to mean spending the crisp Antarctic summer days on the ship!  Antarctic skiing includes options for day-trips through to following Shackleton’s journey across South Georgia over multiple days. Summit and ski a range of landscapes, from the snowy peaks to long open slopes. You’ll find pristine powder without the crowds on your Antarctic alpine adventure. Prices vary up to AUD$1250 per person.

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If you feel the ship-based activities will be crampon’ your style, book ahead for mountaineering.  A greater physical challenge than regular snowshoeing or hiking, mountaineering will take you into glaciated areas, and usually requires relevant prior experience. Get to new heights and gain a new perspective from Antarctica’s alpine peaks.

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Stand up paddle boarding in antarctica

Stand up paddle boarding in Antarctica on board select Ocean Endeavour departures.

What’s SUP? A cross between surfing and kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding allows you to discover Antarctica’s wonders with very little between you and your breathtaking surroundings.  Head out on calm waters exploring the beautiful bays and in search of close encounters with the local characters.

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