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7 Ways to reach Antarctica as a tourist


For many people, Antarctica is the pinnacle of once-in-a-lifetime destinations and is often the last continent to be ticked off the travel bucket list. Mysterious and unique, it is truly a place you need to see with your own eyes to appreciate fully and to understand the conditions experienced by the early explorers.

It is possible to arrive in Antarctica under sail, cruise vessel or direct flight. We have outlined the many different ways you may like to consider for your Antarctic adventure;

Sail from Argentina or Chile:

What better way to arrive in Antarctica than delivered by the winds of the Southern Ocean pushing your vessel across the Antarctic Convergence, softly into Antarctic waters. We have a number of sailing vessels that set off from Ushuaia or South Georgia and explore Antarctica under sail. 

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Cruise from Argentina or Chile:

The most popular route for all our Antarctic expeditions. Voyages departing from South America provide a host of itinerary options to choose from that are time and cost efficient, allowing for exceptional Antarctica experiences. The voyages depart between October and March each year. 

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Fly from Chile and cruise:

Perfect for travellers concerned about the Drake Passage or with limited time. These voyages reach the Antarctic Peninsula within 2 hours of departure. Maximising the time you have on the continent, they are often able to achieve a longer stays in Antarctica due to the shortened travel time. These voyages are often more expensive due to the cost of the charter flight(s) involved and depart between December and February each year.

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Fly from Chile to an Antarctic Lodge:

An exciting option to consider is staying at an Antarctic lodge, after flying in from Punta Arenas, Chile, you’ll arrive at King George Island and transfer to one of the most remote lodges on Earth!

Fly-over from Australia:

By far the easiest way to experience Antarctica! Qantas operate a number of departures each year, departing from Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. A truly magnificent day trip or surprise for a special someone, these flights are a great way to whet the palate if you or a loved one has an interest in travelling to Antarctica. Just be warned that seeing Antarctic from the air is only going to make you want to step foot on our icy neighbour’s continent even more than before you boarded the plane.

Cruise from Australia:

With fewer than half a dozen expeditions operating each from Australia or New Zealand to Antarctica you will be part of a special group of travellers to join these voyages. These voyages are certainly for those who want to experience the ‘Real’ Antarctica. Being 5-6 days sailing from Australia and New Zealand, these voyages are the most southern reaching tourist cruises in the world. Here the vastness and isolation of Antarctica is at a new extreme. Due to the distance in reaching Antarctica on these voyages, these trips range in duration from 25 – 35 days and will stop at the sub-Antarctic islands en route, which is an entirely other experience.

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Fly from South Africa:

There’s a luxury lodge at the edge of the South Pole. You can reach this incredible lodge by a flight departing from South Africa. For a truly once in a lifetime luxury experience, that you will never replicate you will need around AUD$100,000* in your purse for this 7-8 experience.  


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