silver cloud cape to cape cruise ushuaia to cape town

South Georgia - Ushuaia to Cape Town

  • Overview
    Visit the most remote archipelago in the world on this mind-stretching adventure. Be prepared for astounding diversity: sea-lions, seals, dolphins, albatrosses and penguins are just some of the wildlife you can expect to see. Absorb the vastness of the South Atlantic Ocean with unforgettable views as the spectacular scenery unfolds before you.
    Duration: 22 days
    Passengers: 296 passengers
    Embarkation Point: Ushuaia, Argentina
    Disembarkation Point: Cape Town, South Africa
    Physical rating: Soft Adventure
    Fly/Cruise: Mandatory extra flight
    Single Supplement: Unavailable
  • Itinerary
    • Day 1 - Ushuaia; Embarkation Day

      At 55 degrees latitude south, Ushuaia (pronounced oo-swy-ah) is closer to the South Pole than to Argentina's northern border with Bolivia. It is the capital and tourism base for Tierra del Fuego, the island at the southernmost tip of Argentina.Although its stark physical beauty is striking, Tierra del Fuego's historical allure is based more on its mythical past than on rugged reality. The island was inhabited for 6,000 years by Yámana, Haush, Selk'nam, and Alakaluf Indians. But in 1902 Argentina, eager to populate Patagonia to bolster its territorial claims, moved to initiate an Ushuaian penal colony, establishing the permanent settlement of its most southern territories and, by implication, everything in between.

    • Day 2/20 - At Sea

      While we're at sea, enjoy wine tastings, designer boutiques, language and dance classes. Take in a matinee movie, check the market or your e-mail in the Internet Point, slip away with a novel from the library to a sunny chaise or with a movie to your suite. Or just take in the sun pool side. The choice is yours.

    • Day 3 - Steeple Jason Island

      Steeple Jason Island illustrates the remarkable beauty of the remote Falkland Islands. Rising sharply from the sea, Steeple Jason is undoubtedly one of the most dramatic islands in the archipelago. The island is of significant importance to conservationists, as it is the home to the world’s largest Black-browed Albatross colony. Large numbers of Striated Caracara, Falkland Skuas, Southern Rockhopper Penguins, Magellanic Penguins, Gentoo Penguins, Slender-billed Prions and Southern Giant Petrels also breed here. Sea lions, Peale’s dolphins, Commerson’s dolphin and fur seals can be seen along the shore.

    • Day 4 - West Point Island

      Located slightly northwest of West Falkland, West Point Island is used for sheep farming and nature observations. Peale’s dolphins and the distinctive black and white markings of the Commerson’s dolphin can usually be seen in the waters around West Point Island. Rolling moorland and steep cliffs make for great photographic opportunities, but the main attraction is the Devil’s Nose, a cliffside colony of Black-browed Albatrosses nesting side-by-side with feisty Rockhopper Penguins. Magellanic Penguins and Magellanic Cormorants can also be found on the island.

    • Day 5 - Stanley

      Tiny Stanley, capital of the Falklands, seems in many ways like a British village fallen out of the sky. Many homes are painted in bright colours, adding visual appeal to this distant outpost. Not far offshore, the wreck of the Lady Elizabeth, is one of the many vessels remaining as a silent testimonial to the region's frequent harsh weather conditions. The islands, also known by their Spanish name of Islas Malvinas, are home to arguably more tuxedo-clad inhabitants of the penguin variety than human residents. Various species, such as Gentoo, Magellanic and the more elusive King penguins, either live here permanently or use the Falklands as a stopover on their migration route.

    • Day 7/11 - South Georgia

      South Georgia is a breathtaking destination of towering snow-covered mountains, mighty glaciers, and low-lying grasslands that attract an astounding concentration of wildlife. It is possible to find Southern fur seals, Southern elephant seals and a variety of albatross species including Black-browed, Light-mantled Sooty, Grey-headed and the spectacular Wandering Albatross, plus thousands of King and Macaroni Penguins. South Georgia is also linked to the early Antarctic explorers. Captain James Cook first stepped ashore in 1775, but perhaps more famous is Ernest Shackleton’s arrival in 1916 following the sinking of his ship Endurance.

    • Day 15 - Gough Island

      Gough Island in the South Atlantic Ocean was originally known as Gonçalo Álvares (named after the captain of Vasco da Gama’s flagship). The volcanic island is uninhabited except for the handful of personnel stationed here to operate a South African weather station, making it one of the most remote places with a constant human presence. Gough Island and Inaccessible Island comprise the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Gough and Inaccessible Islands as they are protected wildlife reserves and an “Important Bird Area”.

    • Day 16 - Tristan de Cunha

      Tristan da Cunha is the main island of an archipelago with the same name. The Tristan da Cunha island group is home to fewer than 300 hardy residents and is recognized as the most remote inhabited archipelago in the world. Its closest neighboring landmass is the island of St. Helena some 2,430 km (over 1500 miles) away. For fortunate visitors who have cooperative weather conditions and land ashore on Tristan da Cunha, local inhabitants of the village might tell the tale of how the islanders were evacuated from their home during a 1961 lava flow, and how it affected their lives.

    • Day 17 - Nightingale Island

      Nightingale Island is an active volcano and one of three islands in the extremes of the South Atlantic Ocean known as the Nightingale Islands falling within the Tristan da Cunha group. The three islands are administered by the United Kingdom and are visited for scientific research purposes and little else. This means the magnificent wildlife with an estimated one million seabirds, in addition to unusual flora, is all unspoiled by people. Nightingale Island is also a protected wildlife reserve and World Heritage Site. Nightingale has two peaks on its north end and the rest of the island is ringed by cliffs and sea caves, and is fringed with kelp beds.

    • Day 21 - Cape Town, South Africa; Disembarkation

      If you visit only one place in South Africa, make it Cape Town. Whether you're partaking of the Capetonian inclination for alfresco fine dining (the so-called "Mother City" is home to many of the country's best restaurants) or sipping wine atop Table Mountain, you sense—correctly—that this is South Africa's most urbane, civilized city. Here elegant Cape Dutch buildings abut ornate Victorian architecture and imposing British monuments. In the Bo-Kaap neighborhood, the call to prayer echoes through cobbled streets lined with houses painted in bright pastels, while the sweet tang of Malay curry wafts through the air.

    Please consider that our voyages are expeditionary in nature. This means, that there are no concrete itineraries, your Captain and Expedition Leader will utilise their vast experience to chart the best course for your expedition depending on the climatic and environmental conditions. Mentioned highlights and wildlife cannot be guaranteed.

  • Adventure Activities

    South Georgia; Wildlife Mecca

    It is the home to 5 million breeding pairs of macaroni penguins, massive rookeries of nesting King penguins, Great wandering albatross, the beautiful song bird - South Georgia pipit, the South Georgia pintail duck, the only carnivorous duck in the world. Isolated, remote but protected!

    Wandering Albatross

    Spectacular in flight and on the ground, with the largest wingspan of any bird on the planet; gracefully and effortlessly glides for thousands of kilometres across the Southern Ocean to their nesting site on South Georgia.

    Cape to Cape

    This journey’s ultimate voyage is from the Cape of South America to the Cape of South Africa. This expedition will explore South Georgia and the remote islands of Tristan da Cunha, considered the most remote inhabited place on earth.

  • Inclusions

    Dynamic Cabin Pricing

    Cabin prices on board this vessel are dynamic, that is the cabin pricing fluctuates with changes in bookings and exchange rates. Cabin prices below are not guaranteed and are subject to change and availability at the operators discretion. Please feel free to contact us for the most accurate pricing on this voyage.

    Transfers & Accommodation

    Included in the cost of your suite are all arrival and departure transfers and 1 nigh pre-cruise accommodation

    Bar & Gratuities

    On board the Silver Cloud select wines and premium spirits, coffee and sof drinks are included, as are all crew gratuities and Wifi throughout the ship

    Expedition Gear

    On board your expedition you will recieve a high quality speciality Haglofs parka

    Inclusions / Exclusions

    Included in your Expedition

    - Free Wifi
    - Gratuities included in your fare
    - All expedition shore landings and lectures
    - In-suite dining and room service
    - Beverages including select wines / premium spirits / coffee / soft drinks and your own tailored mini-bar
    - Butler service

    Not included in your Expedition

    - Internet & Phone
    - Expedition extensions
    - Passport / visa & immigration fees
    - Private transfers
    - Additional hotel nights
    - International & Internal airfare
    - Spa treatments
    - Gratuities
    - Laundry
    - Mandatory waterproof gear not provided
    - Baggage / cancellation / interruption and medical travel insurance
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    Spacious yet intimate, designed to cross oceans and yet able to slip up rivers and into hidden harbours with ease, the yacht-like Silver Cloud carries just 248 guests in incomparable comfort and style. Combining spacious ocean-view suites and private verandas with stunning dining and entertainment options, our inaugural ship launched a new ocean standard and continues to epitomize the vessels vision of world-class cruise accommodations, service and amenities.

    Features & Facilities
    • Luxury Accommodation
    • Pool Deck
    • Panorama Lounge
    • Fitness Center
    • Library.
    Key Facts
    Luxury star rating: 6
    Guests #: 248
    Crew #: 208
    Ice Class: 1C
    Speed: 18
    Refurbished: 2015
    Technical Specs
    Year built: 1994
    Length: 155m
    Width: 21
    Draft: 4
    Tonnage: 16927
    Registry: Bahamas
    Elec Outlets: 220V / 2 Round Pin
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