national geographic explorer luxury iceland and greenland cruise

Hot Springs and Icebergs: Iceland to West Greenland

  • Overview
    Go by land, sea, and air to experience a tour of Iceland and Greenland on a wide-ranging adventure in a compact timeframe. Over just nine days you’ll soak in the heat of Iceland’s thermal baths, feel the spray of its thunderous falls, and explore the cool urban capital of Reykjavík. See Greenland’s epic ice cap that covers 80% of the country by air, then sail along its ice edge with glaciers that can stretch over 100 miles and calve some of the largest icebergs on Earth. There are possibilities to see the Northern Lights activity in these two countries and, with a little luck, photograph their strange and beautiful dance. Venture into Greenland’s long fjords choked with massive bergs and call at small communities to meet the hardy inhabitants.
    Duration: 8 days
    Passengers: 148 passengers
    Embarkation Point: Keflavik, Iceland
    Disembarkation Point: Keflavik, Iceland
    Physical rating: Soft Adventure
    Fly/Cruise: Mandatory extra flight
    Single Supplement: Unavailable
  • Itinerary
    • Day 1 - Reykjavík, Iceland

      Arrive in Reykjavík, the world’s northernmost capital. Fly overnight to Reykjavík, the world’s northernmost capital. Choose an excursion to swim in the termal baths of the Blue Lagoon or learn about the hot springs and volcanic activity at the Geothermal Power Plant experience an Icelandic horse show at the Eldhestar Farm and Riding Centre. Check in to our hotel in Reykjavík for two nights.

    • Day 2 - Reykjavík

      Today you may choose from several active options. Go hiking across the rolling scrublands just outside the city, ride an Icelandic horse through the Hafnarfjörður lava field, or join a cooking class at the Salt Kitchen. Tonight, a special treat: ride a ferry to scenic Viðey Island, where an exclusive dinner and musical performance awaits.

    • Day 3 - Reykjavík/Kangerlussuaq, Greenland; Embarkation Day

      Choose a walking or biking tour of Reykjavík in the morning followed by a chartered flight to Greenland and take in stunning views over the Greenland icecap. Embark National Geographic Explorer.

    • Day 4 - Greenland’s West Coast &

      Dozens of deep fjords carve into Greenland’s west coast, many with glaciers fed by the ice cap that covers 80% of the country. Trace this ragged coastline, and search for humpback and minke whales. At Sisimiut, a former whaling port, visit the museum, wander amid a jumble of wooden 18th-century buildings, and learn from locals the tradition of creating Greenlandic national clothing.

    • Day 5 - Disko Bay & Ilulissat

      Sail into Disko Bay and set out to explore a tongue of the Greenland ice cap. Take an extraordinary cruise among towering icebergs. Explore the archaeological site at Sermermiut, and view the Jakobshavn Icefjord and its immense, calving glacier.

    • Day 6 - Exploring Greenland’s West Coast

      Our final day in the scenic fjords to Zodiac cruise, kayak, and hike across the tundra.

    • Day 7 - Kangerlussuaq/Disembark/
      Reykjavík, Iceland

      Disembark in Kangerlussuaq, fly by charter for the second time over the Greenland icecap to Reykjavík and check-in to your hotel.

    • Day 8 - Reykjavík; Home

      Have a guided tour of Reykjanes Peninsula, learn first-hand about the country’s innovative approach to geothermal energy, or if you haven’t yet experienced the Blue Lagoon, now’s your chance! Transfer to the airport for flights home.

    Please consider that our voyages are expeditionary in nature. This means, that there are no concrete itineraries, your captain and expedition leader will utilise their vast experience to chart the best course for your expedition depending on the climatic and environmental conditions. Mentioned highlights and wildlife cannot be guaranteed.

  • Adventure Activities


    We pioneered kayaking in polar geographies, allowing our guests to have unprecedented personal experiences in the ice.

    Now, nearly all our ships carry types of kayaks designed to get guests of all experience and fitness levels out on the water comfortably and safely. And more than just a token few, we carry a veritable fleet to ensure everyone who wants to can.


    Charter Flights

    The National Geographic Explorer operates with a mandatory charter flight package on this departure;

    Reykjavik, Iceland - Kangerlussuaq, Greenland - Reykjavik, Iceland

    USD$ 1,230 per person

    Whales of the Arctic

    On board our Arctic expedition voyages there is always someone on board with eyes peeled for whales. The experience ship crew will always position the ship in the most respectful manner to achieve the best whale sightings.

    Unlike the Antarctic, not all the whales species in the Arctic migrate, some indeed call the Arctic home. Sightings are possible during the early season voyages right through until the end of the season. There is a great opportunity in the Arctic to see Blue, Fin, Orca, Minke, Humpback and potentially the elusive Greenland whale.

    Dance Under the Aurora Borealis

    The bright dancing lights of the aurora are actually collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth's atmosphere.

    Auroral displays appear in many colours although pale green and pink are the most common. Shades of red, yellow, green, blue, and violet have been reported. The lights appear in many forms from patches or scattered clouds of light to streamers, arcs, rippling curtains or shooting rays that light up the sky with an eerie glow.

  • Inclusions

    Expedition Team

    Every expedition sails with a veteran expedition leader, an assistant expedition leader, and a team of eight naturalists, many of them polar veterans, of a variety of specialties: zoology, biology, ornithology, geology, polar history, and more. Other members of the 15-person team include an undersea specialist, a photographer, plus a certified photo instructor, a Global Perspectives guest speaker, a video chronicler, and a wellness specialist. Together they provide you with a greater understanding and appreciation for this extraordinary and diverse geography.

    Excellent food

    Our chefs use fresh, local ingredients whenever possible, including sustainably caught fish, and other local and indigenous products. Breakfast and lunch are buffet-style; dinner is served. There are fish or meat choices at every meal, and our chef will happily accommodate vegan or other special diet requests.

    Inclusions / Exclusions

    Included in your Expedition

    Not included in your Expedition

    - Massage services
    - Gratuities
    - Internet and Wifi expenses
    - Airfares unless stated in the itinerary
    - Bar expenses
    - Laundry expenses
    - Mandatory waterproof gear not provided
    - Baggage / cancellation / interruption and medical travel insurance
    - Passport and Visa expenses
  • Map
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  • Gallery
  • Vessel


    Inaugurated in 2008, National Geographic Explorer is the world’s ultimate expedition ship. The embodiment of the National Geographic alliance, her design and equipment is the result of almost 200 years of collective expedition experience. Originally built for service along Norway’s coast as part of the famed Hurtigruten, or Coastal Express, her excellent maneuverability and just-right size made her a natural choice for addition to our fleet. Drawing on our nearly 50 years of pioneering expedition history and expertise, we completely redesigned and rebuilt her. Explorer is uniquely equipped with an ice-strengthened hull and advanced navigation equipment for polar expeditions; a roster of tools for exploration; and a well-appointed interior with vast expanses of glass for an unprecedented connection to the regions we explore. She provides a peerless expedition experience. Explorer accommodates 148 guests in 81 cabins, including 13 cabins with private balconies, six spacious suites and 14 cabins specifically designed for solo travelers. At 367 feet with six decks, she is spacious and modern, with a variety of public rooms that offer startling views of the passing landscape. Friendly and informal, Explorer instantly fosters a welcoming environment where enthused and curious passengers share in exceptional experiences and enrichment.

    Features & Facilities
    • Luxury expedition vessel
    • Affiliated with National Geographic
    • Dining room & Bistro
    • Large observation decks
    • Open Bridge
    • Library
    • Observation lounge
    • 24 hour beverage station
    • Wellness Centre
    • Gym
    • laundry
    • Spa
    • Internet/Wifi
    Key Facts
    Luxury star rating: 5
    Guests #: 148
    Crew #: 70
    Ice Class: 1A
    Speed: 18
    Technical Specs
    Year built:
    Length: 112m
    Width: 16
    Tonnage: 6471
    Registry: Bahamas
    Elec Outlets: 220V / 2 Round Pin
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1 - Twin Cabin with Porthole

10 Sep 2018 - 17 Sep 2018
Twin cabin, with private facilities with plenty of luxury finishings
USD$ 5,943pp
USD$ 5,943pp

2 - Twin Cabin with Window

10 Sep 2018 - 17 Sep 2018
Twin or double cabin, with private facilities with plenty of luxury finishings
USD$ 6,453pp
USD$ 6,453pp

3 - Twin Cabin with Window

10 Sep 2018 - 17 Sep 2018
Twin or double cabin, with private facilities with plenty of luxury finishings
USD$ 6,691pp
USD$ 6,691pp

4 - Superior cabin with Window

10 Sep 2018 - 17 Sep 2018
Twin or double cabin, with private facilities with plenty of luxury finishings
USD$ 7,262pp
USD$ 7,262pp

SA - Single cabin with Porthole

10 Sep 2018 - 17 Sep 2018
Single cabin, perfect for the decerning solo traveller
USD$ 8,071pp
USD$ 8,071pp

SB - Single cabin with Window

10 Sep 2018 - 17 Sep 2018
Single cabin, perfect for the decerning solo traveller
USD$ 8,364pp
USD$ 8,364pp

5 - Superior cabin with Balcony

10 Sep 2018 - 17 Sep 2018
Superior cabins with Balcony and luxury finishings
USD$ 8,581pp
USD$ 8,581pp

6 - Suite with Balcony

10 Sep 2018 - 17 Sep 2018
Suite cabin with Balcony and luxury finishings
USD$ 10,295pp
USD$ 10,295pp

7 - Suite with Balcony

10 Sep 2018 - 17 Sep 2018
The largest suites with Balcony and luxury finishings
USD$ 11,859pp
USD$ 11,859pp