Rembarndt van rijn northern lights cruise

Scoresby Sund - Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

  • Overview
    Voyage to East Greenland, Scoresby Sund, where we may observe the Aurora Borealis. We cross the Arctic Circle and continue north, perhaps seeing whales. In the evening we will spot our first icebergs appear as we approach the east coast of Greenland near Kap Brewster.
    Duration: 12 days
    Passengers: 33 passengers
    Embarkation Point: Constable Point, Greenland
    Disembarkation Point: Constable Point, Greenland
    Physical rating: Soft Adventure
    Fly/Cruise: Cruise only
    Single Supplement: 1.7x twin rate or share options
  • Itinerary
    • Day 1 - Reykjavik, Iceland; Embarkation Day

      We arrive by charter plane from Reykjavik at Constable Pynt, the airfield at the head of Hurry Inlet. The area has a fantastic geology.

    • Day 2 - Volquart Boons Coast

      We sail along the ragged and glaciated Volquart Boons Coast. Here we may organise a zodiac cruise along one of the glacier fronts of this coast, and have our first landing near a glacier, like Måne Glacier or in Vikingebugt.

    • Day 3 - Danmarks Ø

      We land on Danmarks Ø where there are remains of an Inuit settlement abandoned around 200 years ago. The circular ‘tent rings’ of stones indicate the summer houses, while the winter houses can be seen closer to a small cape. The sites are well preserved, allowing entrances and even bear-proof meat caches to be identified. There are also grave sites.

    • Day 4/6 - Røde Fjord

      We continue our sailing through the beautiful fjords to the west, choked with icebergs and try to land on Røde Ø, where we see incredible beautiful sandstone formations with basalt intrusions and a back ground of myriads of contrasting blue ice-bergs. If the ice conditions allow we will attempt to navigate Røde Fjord famed for its beauty. It is a fantastic alternating landscape with the red sedimentary rocks to the west completing the amazing scenery all around. We may find a good place to land and take a walk in the autumn vegetation with good chances to see Muskoxen and guaranteed amazing views.

    • Day 7 - Cape Hofmann Halvø

      We go ashore at C. Hofman Halvø, a reliable spot for viewing Musk Oxen. We may also spot Rock Ptarmigan and at sea, the Great Northern Diver. The landscape here is particularly beautiful, especially during autumn when the Dwarf Willow and Dwarf Birch change colour. Arctic Blueberry and Crowberry add their own colourful touch - the berries are tasty too! In the evening we sail through the fjord towards Scoresby Land enjoying the contrast between the warm autumnal colours of the vegetation on shore, backed by huge dark mountains, and the cold blue of the icebergs.

    • Day 8 - Ø Fjord

      We sail through one of the most spectacular Fjords in the world. Ø Fjord is almost 40 nm long, only a few nm wide and with mountains of up to 2000 meters high on each side. Large icebergs are drifting through as the depth reaches more than 1000 meters. We aim to find shelter in Jyttehavn on the so-called Bjørneøer (Bear Islands) and may make a landing in the later afternoon.

    • Day 9 - Sydkap, Scoresby Land

      On our way to Sydkap in Scoresby Land in the morning, we encounter huge icebergs, some over 100 m high and more than a kilometre in length. Most of the bergs are grounded as the fjord is “only” about 400 m deep here. We land near Sydkap to view the remains of the Thule culture winter houses. As many as 20 people lived in these tiny houses, hunting Greenland Whale and using their vertebrae to build the houses.

    • Day 10 - Ittoqqortoormiit

      We visit Ittoqqortoormiit, the biggest settlement in the Scoresby Sund with about 400 inhabitants. At the post office you can buy stamps for your postcards, or just wander around to see the sledge dogs and the drying skins of seals, Musk Oxen and Polar Bears.

    • Day 11 - Jameson Land

      In the morning we land on the south coast of Jameson Land near Kap Stewart at a lagoon, an area with waders and geese collecting for the autumn migration. The landscape here is gently undulating. Musk Oxen and Collared Lemming survive on the meagre vegetation. Further inside Hurry Inlet we may land near the head of the fjord and take a walk near one of the rivers terminating here. We may opt to do an excursion near Hareelv and climb J. P. Kochs Fjeld. In this area they found the fossils of the link between fish and amphibians in the lower Cretaceous. We spend the night at anchor off Constable Pynt.

    • Day 12 - Reykjavik, Iceland; Disembarkation

      We make our final landing at the airfield of Constable Pynt and fly with chartered plane to Reykjavik

    Please consider that our voyages are expeditionary in nature. This means, that there are no concrete itineraries, your captain and expedition leader will utilise their vast experience to chart the best course for your expedition depending on the climatic and environmental conditions. Mentioned highlights and wildlife cannot be guaranteed.

  • Adventure Activities

    Scoresby Sund

    Sailing deep into Scoresby Sund, towering mountains and unforgettable landscape make for a dramatic couple of days. However, it is icebergs on a grand scale that are sure to impress us the most. Scoresby Sund icebergs are often some of the most dramatic and intricately shaped, set against Greenland’s incredible mountains, there are few landscapes like this!

    Dance Under the Aurora Borealis

    The bright dancing lights of the aurora are actually collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth's atmosphere.

    Auroral displays appear in many colours although pale green and pink are the most common. Shades of red, yellow, green, blue, and violet have been reported. The lights appear in many forms from patches or scattered clouds of light to streamers, arcs, rippling curtains or shooting rays that light up the sky with an eerie glow.

  • Inclusions

    All meals on board

    Onboard your expedition all meals are included and prepared by our chefs. Meals are prepared to a restaurant standard and to cater for most diet requirements.

    All Zodiac excursions

    During the course of your expedition, you will have direct access to our onboard expedition team. Our expedition team members are a wealth of information, they have backgrounds in exploration or science based backgrounds. Our teams will usually comprise of naturalists, historians, geologists and ornithologists.

    Your expedition team members will expertly guide you off the ship and provide you with firsthand knowledge about the geology and wildlife of the region. Back onboard the vessel, team members hold lectures about their studies or the wildlife that was seen during the course of the day.

    Inclusions / Exclusions

    Included in your Expedition

    - Comprehensive pre-departure material
    - AECO and government fees
    - Port taxes
    - Free use of rubber expedition boots
    - All shore excursions and lectures
    - All accommodation and meals on board

    Not included in your Expedition

    - Arrival and departure taxes
    - Pre and post-cruise travel
    - Any airfare whether scheduled or charter flights
    - Internet / Wifi & Phone
    - Beverages
    - Passport & Visa expenses
    - Gratuities
    - Laundry
    - Mandatory waterproof gear not provided
    - Baggage / cancellation / interruption and medical travel insurance
  • Map
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  • Gallery
  • Vessel


    S/V ‘Rembrandt Van Rijn’ was built as a herring lugger early last century. The vessel was rebuilt as a three-mast passenger sailing schooner in he Netherlands in 1994 and sailed in Spitsbergen (1994 – 1996) and in Galápagos (1998 - 2001). The vessel underwent a complete rebuilding and refurbishment program until 2011. The communication and navigation equipment has been completely renewed according to the latest SOLAS regulations. The ship is well suited for expedition cruising among small islands and offer good open deck viewing areas, also when under sail. The 2 inflatable rubber crafts (zodiacs) enable landing and wildlife viewing opportunities in otherwise inaccessible areas. The Rembrandt van Rijn measures 56 meters in length (168 ft.), 7 meters in width and has a draft of 2,5 meters. The maximum speed on engines is 9 knots. It has an experienced crew of 12 persons on board including 2 tour guides. The ship can accommodate a maximum of 33 passengers in 16 cabins. 1 Triple Private cabin (with shower and toilet and porthole), 6 Twin Private Inside cabins (with shower and toilet, no porthole), 9 Twin Private cabins (with shower and toilet and porthole).

    Features & Facilities
    Key Facts
    Luxury star rating: 3
    Guests #: 33
    Crew #: 12
    Ice Class:
    Speed: 9
    Refurbished: 2011
    Technical Specs
    Year built: 1924
    Length: 56m
    Width: 7
    Draft: 2
    Tonnage: 435
    Registry: Vanuatu
    Elec Outlets: 220V / 2 Round Pin
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