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Discover the Heart of Greenland

  • Overview
    Enjoy amazing Arctic experiences in the Disco Bay area. You will have oceans of time to watch sculptured icebergs floating past. Greenland´s natural beauty, wildlife and spectacular landscapes are unmatched anywhere. Experience the genuine Greenlandic atmosphere in the towns and villages we visit along the way, and meet the welcoming people of this remote nation. Like no other polar destination, Greenland offers close interaction and unique cultural experiences together with breathtaking nature. In the Disco Bay area, colourful villages cling to rough, rocky hills surrounding the inland ice. 80% of Greenland is covered by ice and we recommend you always have your camera handy as icebergs of every imaginable shape and size may appear at any time. Enjoy exploring rarely visited settlements, lively towns and the abandoned solitude of Qullissat. Touch an iceberg with your bare hands and marvel at the power of nature in Ilulissat Icefjord. With daily landings and excursions including kayaking, hikes and other activities, you will discover the authentic Greenland and meet the people that call this wilderness home. At many of our stops, you are welcomed into open homes for a traditional “kaffemik”, providing a fascinating insight into local lives. The Disco Bay area is also home to a large number of whales. Some of them live here, while others travel all the way from the Caribbean during summer. There is a very good chance to encounter Humpback, Fin and Greenland whales.
    Duration: 10 days
    Passengers: 318 passengers
    Embarkation Point: Copenhagen, Denmark
    Disembarkation Point: Copenhagen, Denmark
    Physical rating: Expedition
    Fly/Cruise: Mandatory extra flight
    Single Supplement: 0.0x - 2.0x twin rate or share options
  • Itinerary
    • Day 1 - Copenhagen/Kangerlussuaq; The gateway to Greenland

      Your flight from Copenhagen arrives in the evening in Kangerlussuaq where MS Fram is waiting for your embarkation.

    • Day 2/10 - Exploring Northwest Greenland; The land of Midnight Sun and dog sledges

      As we start cruising north, you can look forward to encountering gigantic icebergs, fjords and spectacular landscapes, as well as small villages and larger towns. Sisimiut is situated 40 km north of the Arctic Circle. The name means “the people living in a place where there are fox dens”. This is the second largest town in Greenland, a modern settlement that maintains ancient traditions.

      Our optional shore excursions include hikes, boat trips and sightseeing. You can also watch local artists sculpt jewellery and crafts from bone, leather and metal, or taste Greenlandic specialities in a local restaurant. Qeqertarsuaq is the only town situated on the old volcanic island of Disco. Greenlandic legend says that two seal hunters were annoyed that the island stood in their way. Using a single hair from an infant, they towed the island up north behind their kayaks. A witch in Ilulissat did not like this lush, green island approaching, and cast a spell on it to run aground. This verdant island in the midst of ice offers amazing Arctic experiences. Join optional excursions like a guided town tour, kayaking or an ice cruising boat trip. If you like archaeology and history, you should definitely pay a visit to the local museum. Feel free to stroll around the settlement on your own. Qasigiannguit is dubbed the “Pearl of the Disco Bay" and is Greenland's forgotten paradise. Nature still dominates everyday life here. The settlement is home to one of the oldest houses in Greenland. It was built in 1734 and is today the town’s museum with some of Greenland's finest ancient artifacts and exciting collections. Join a settlement walk, visit the museum and the local church or stroll around and discover the settlement on your own.

      The town of Uummannaq is situated in scenic surroundings at the foot of a heart-shaped mountain. Our optional excursions include meeting the locals or taking a tender boat excursion to a landing at Qilakitsoq where mummies from the Thule era were found. In Ukkusissat the local citizens await at the pier and provide entertainment with song and dance, before proudly escorting us to their village. Illorsuit lies at the mouth of the Uummannaq Fjord. There are only 90 people living in this traditional hunting and fishing community. You may find that many houses dry whale meat and fish on the front porch, right next to the laundry. This is a scenic outpost rarely visited by tourists. We may also visit a location near Saqqaq, around 70°N, 51°W, that was without an official name until 2013. The place has special significance to Friederike Bronny, one of our Expedition Team members. As a young geologist student, she spent a year in a tent in this small valley. She also visited the spot several times later as an Expedition Leader. A few years ago, MS Fram was planning to land here, and the captain needed to inform the authorities. Unfortunately, this particular site didn’t have a name. So the captain said, ‘At Hurtigruten we call it “Camp Frieda”.’ Not long after, the authorities relayed back that, from that moment on, Camp Freida would be the official name of the position.

      Witness the true power of nature on a visit to the Eqip Sermia Glacier, which calves icebergs into the open ocean. We will use the ship’s tender boats to go ashore in this beautiful area. If you're feeling more active, you can take a short hike on your own in the area. Everybody who goes ashore is invited to a barbecue dinner with a beautiful view over the glacier. Ilulissat is set in the stunning scenery of the Ilulissat Icefjord. The area was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2004. Just outside the town, at the mouth of the fjord, you can often see enormous icebergs that have run aground. They originate from the Jakobshavn Glacier, one of the most productive glaciers in the Northern Hemisphere. These mighty icebergs are unique and no two are alike. Marvel at how they change from white and blue to shades of orange and red when the iceberg surface is struck by the midnight sun. Hear the icebergs’ soundtrack of cracking and rumbling, as the sounds echo from one end of Ilulissat to the other.

      We offer a variety of optional shore excursions such as hikes, historic town walks and a boat tour to the Icefjord. Itilleq means "the hollow", and as its name suggests, this small settlement is situated in a hollow, majestically surrounded by high mountains and glaciers. With the Arctic Circle passing just 200 metres south of the village centre, Itilleq can rightly claim the title of ‘the Arctic Circle Village’. The 130 people who live here are mainly engaged in hunting and fishing activities. The island has no fresh water, so its inhabitants have to use a facility that makes fresh water from seawater. The town's church has an interesting history: It was built in Thule (Umanak, North Greenland) in 1930 and was moved to Itilleq in 1963.

    • Day 11 - Kangerlussuaq; See the Ice Sheet up close

      As we reach Kangerlussuaq, your expedition with MS Fram has come to an end. Take the opportunity to join a final excursion to the Greenland Ice Sheet. This vast icy wasteland stretches 1,500 miles north and reaches heights of up to 3,200 metres above sea level. The road to the edge of the Ice Sheet boasts beautiful natural scenery, ranging from Arctic desert and tundra with low growing shrubs, to hilly terrain offering breath-taking views over the landscape. Your plane to Copenhagen leaves late in the evening.

    • Day 12 - Copenhagen; The stylish capital of Denmark

      You arrive in the Danish capital early in the morning and may even have the time to explore "Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen" before you head home.

    Please consider that our voyages are expeditionary in nature. This means, that there are no concrete itineraries, your captain and expedition leader will utilise their vast experience to chart the best course for your expedition depending on the climatic and environmental conditions. Mentioned highlights and wildlife cannot be guaranteed.

  • Adventure Activities

    Explore Greenland

    See this unique interaction of man and nature first hand, as we sail through a landscape rich in culture, history and spectacular wildlife, towards the northern lands of the midnight sun. This expedition was created to introduce you to the amazing variety of Greenland; from wonders of nature, to small villages and larger towns. Experience Greenland’s fascinating culture, visit historical sites from the Viking era, and enjoy the beautiful Ilulissat Icefjord.

    Whales of the Arctic

    On board our Arctic expedition voyages there is always someone on board with eyes peeled for whales. The experience ship crew will always position the ship in the most respectful manner to achieve the best whale sightings.

    Unlike the Antarctic, not all the whales species in the Arctic migrate, some indeed call the Arctic home. Sightings are possible during the early season voyages right through until the end of the season. There is a great opportunity in the Arctic to see Blue, Fin, Orca, Minke, Humpback and potentially the elusive Greenland whale.

  • Inclusions

    Dynamic Cabin Pricing

    Cabin prices on board the Fram are dynamic, that is the cabin pricing fluctuates with changes in bookings and exchange rates. Cabin prices below are not guaranteed and are subject to change and availability at the operators discretion. Please feel free to contact us for the most accurate pricing on this voyage.

    Expedition Gear

    Expedition boots and a specially designed high quality polar expedition jacket are provided on board.

    Inclusions / Exclusions

    Included in your Expedition

    - Hot beverages
    - Excursion a shore and lectures
    - Expedition jacket
    - Flights where stated in the itinerary
    - Transfers where stated in the itinerary
    - One night hotel pre-cruise
    - Accommodation while on board

    Not included in your Expedition

    - Optional excursions and activities.
    - Luggage handling
    - International flights
    - Mandatory waterproof gear not provided
    - Baggage / cancellation / interruption and medical travel insurance
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  • Vessel


    The ship is purpose-built as an expedition vessel with a higher ice-class, chart drawing tools,ship depth sounding database, extractable forward sounding sonar, iceberg search lights, autonomous tracking system, oversized oil retention system for self-sufficiency, and a full ‘expedition tools-deck’ equivalent to a car-deck that holds 25 vehicles. We believe that as an explorer you need an ‘expedition base-camp’ that is comfortable – something that combines ‘all oceans capabilities’ with safety, flexibility and environmental friendliness. That’s Fram – simply the best expedition ship imaginable. The observation lounge, with comfortable sitting areas at the top of the ship and large panoramic windows, gives you incredible views of nature. A pair of binoculars is installed for spotting wildlife and details of the ever changing landscape. In the restaurant on deck 5, you can enjoy the finest cuisine. The floor has different levels, so no matter where your table is placed; there are views to the outdoors. The restaurant is located in the aft of the ship, on your way there you walk through an exhibition of original artefacts from the historic expeditions of Amundsen and Nansen. At the far end of the restaurant there is a balcony for taking pictures when wildlife show up during a meal. On deck 7 you will find a well-equipped fitness room, with its panoramic ocean view there is no better place to exercise. On top of the ship you can get warm and cosy in the sauna or bathe in one of the outdoor Jacuzzis. Let the warm water surround you while the icebergs float silently past the side of the ship. With 127 cabins on Fram, you have a choice of comfortable cabins and a number of superior suites to choose from. Our suites are named after Norwegian polar heroes, MS Fram travels in the wake of these great explorers. We are very proud of the art commissioned for MS Fram – local artists from the Arctic have contributed to making her a modern masterpiece. The ‘tender pit’ is where we embark, fully dressed in suitable expedition and excursion gear, on our sturdy Polarcirkel boats to take you safely from ship to shore. The original Fram was a ship for broadening the understanding of the world – let the new MS Fram do the same for you.

    Features & Facilities
    • Enhanced expedition vessel
    • Superior accommodation
    • Observation lounge with panoramic windows
    • Restaraunt
    • Gym with panoramic windows
    • Sauna
    • Outdoor Jacuzzies
    • Internet/Wifi
    Key Facts
    Luxury star rating: 4
    Guests #: 318
    Crew #: 75
    Ice Class: 1B
    Speed: 16
    Technical Specs
    Year built:
    Length: 113m
    Width: 20
    Tonnage: 11647
    Registry: Norway
    Elec Outlets: 220V / 2 Round Pin
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Polar Outside Upper Deck

30 Jun 2018 - 09 Jul 2018
Twin cabin, private facilities, with a limited view.

Polar Inside Middle Deck - Twin

30 Jun 2018 - 09 Jul 2018
Twin cabin, private facilities, some with double bed.

Polar Inside Middle Deck - Quad

30 Jun 2018 - 09 Jul 2018
Quad cabin, private facilities, some with double bed.

Arctic Superior - Upper Deck Twin

30 Jun 2018 - 09 Jul 2018
Top/upper deck twin cabin, private facilities, some with double beds.

Arctic Superior - Middle Deck Twin

30 Jun 2018 - 09 Jul 2018
Twin cabin on upper or middle deck, private facilities, some with double beds.

Expedition Suite

30 Jun 2018 - 09 Jul 2018
Twin cabin on upper deck, sitting room, private facilities, most with double beds.

Polar Outside Middle Deck - Twin

30 Jun 2018 - 09 Jul 2018
Twin cabin, private facilities, some with double bed.

Expedition Grand Suite

30 Jun 2018 - 09 Jul 2018
Twin cabin, private facilities, sitting room, some with double bed, bathtub, private balcony, and/or bay window.

Polar Outside Middle Deck - Quad

30 Jun 2018 - 09 Jul 2018
Quad cabin, private facilities, with limited view.